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Home battery SBP LiFePO4 15.5kWh | home battery | home battery

With a charged 15.5 kWh home battery, a household with 4 people can go ahead for an average of 2 days. The home battery is suitable for expanding according to your energy needs. The battery supports the communication protocols commonly used in the market, and offers support for almost all inverter manufacturers on the market.

The battery can be supplied separately or with a matching inverter and installation.

Why a home battery?
You can use the home battery to store excess solar power and then use it yourself in the evening and at night. You can also install the home battery without solar panels. In combination with a hybrid inverter, you can connect the battery to the grid to charge the battery at times when power is available at an affordable price (on sunny days with wind, it is often free or you even receive a fee if you use power). This way you can fully absorb the expensive peak moments with energy from the battery.

Main features
- 15.5 kWh capacity
- Suitable for off-grid and hybrid inverters
- Suitable for the following inverter brands: Victron Energy, Deye, Growatt / SMA /Sorotec / Luxpowertek / Solis / Goodwe / Vitron Energy / Amensolar / Deye / Sofar / Voltronic Power / Sacolar / Solark /SAJ /Megarevo / MPPsolar / Schneider
- View battery status remotely via Bluetooth
- LCD Touch display that allows you to view the battery status.

Nominal energy (kWh) 15.5
Nominal voltage (V) 48
Rated power (A) 102
Maximum power (A) 200
Length (mm) 750
Height (mm) 440
Depth (mm) 251
Weight (kg) 115kg
IP level 22
Battery type: Lifepo4, LFP (lithium iron phosphate battery)
Max Output power (W) 10400
Voltage tolerance level (V) 42~54.7
Scalability (max. 16 batteries) 248kWh
Communication CAN / RS485 / RS 232 / DRY CONTACT
Charging temperature 0 – 55 °C
Discharge temperature 20 / 60 °C
Temperature & storage period 12 months @ 10 / 35 °C 3 months @ 10 / 45 °C 7 days @ 20 / 65 °C
Warranty 5 years
Over 6000 cycles @ 25°C 0.2C 80% DOD
The advertisement image shows two home batteries of 15kWh each.
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